UK-based game studio Blueprint Gaming has released its latest video reel, This is Spinal Tap, based on the classic 1980’s mockumentary.

Blueprint turns gaming up to 11

Under licence from Studiocanal, band members David St Hubbins, Nigel Tufnel and Derek Smalls all feature in this 243 ways game.

It features a VIP pass where players can win up to 11 spins with multiple modifiers available. Also included is the Rock Mode where the grid expands to seven reels and it becomes a 2187 ways game, all garnished by strobe lights and detailed design of the band’s instruments and famous mullets.

Jo Purvis, director of marketing and relationships at Blueprint Gaming, said: “This is Spinal Tap is a cult classic and we’re confident our adaptation of the film will appeal to the masses. David, Nigel and Derek all feature as we take it up to 11 for a deafening experience.”

Stephanie Kupperman, director of business development at Creative Licensing Corporation, said: “This game is extremely well executed and truthfully one of the most beautiful licensed games I’ve ever seen. The team at Blueprint Gaming has done a tremendous job of bringing this iconic film to life through high-quality graphics, captivating sounds and providing an exciting user experience.”