Following last month’s launch of Custom Betting Commentary with Unibet, Perform has partnered with ICS to offer clients multi-language professional betting commentary.

Perform adds ICS betting commentary

Custom Betting Commentary allows clients to send personalised messages, betting trends and insight to customers watching live streamed on their platform in real time. The commentaries can be added from anywhere in the world.

The exclusive deal with ICS allows bookmakers unable to deliver the service themselves to offer bespoke commentary content to their audiences. ICS will use Opta data to add detail, context and statistical credibility to the commentaries.

John Harlow, senior vice president of betting at Perform, said, “We are delighted to have partnered with ICS. Our clients have been really excited about being able to communicate with their customers, using Opta statistics married with their own messaging and markets to enhance the in-play betting experience."

Ian Holding, founding director of ICS, said: “The opportunity for bookmakers to now broadcast their own bespoke commentary service as part of this new streaming solution is a hugely exciting one.

"Perform are industry leaders in providing live streams as part of the successful Watch&Bet service, while ICS employ a large team of specialist broadcasters who properly understand live betting.”