MGA Games, a specialist in the creation of localised slots and online video bingo games, has announced new agreements with international operators Wplay, Colbet and Sportium Colombia.

The users of these popular online casinos can now enjoy the vast catalogue of games from MGA Games and the entire line of products. “We have an ambitious development plan in 2019 that includes 21 slot and online video bingo titles,” said MGA Games general manager José Antonio Giacomelli.

“We love launching the highest quality on the online gaming market, offering at the same time quick and impeccable after-sales and technical support services to each and every one of our clients.

“The major operators are seeking partners who offer attractive, quality games that are technically perfect, with impeccable development, implementation and after-sale services and that offer maximum profitability. And that is exactly what we at MGA Games offer.”

The three integrations are expected to take place through the Microgaming platform. In addition to providing access to the latest productions and new developments from MGA, they will all include technical support and after-sales services for the games’ commercial, development or implementation processes.