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Chief Product Officer

Location: Malta, Malta
Salary: Negotiable | Ref: IGE302

Chief product officers come in all shapes and sizes, just like the companies they work for. But few would be compared to Heimdall, the all-seeing, all-knowing Norse God, the creator.

Arguably the boldest, bravest, most innovative developer and provider of breathtaking, game-changing online gaming products in the world is seeking their Heimdall. A bright, ambitious, charismatic personality who understands where the market is going, sees the future, someone who instinctively knows what online gaming operators and their customers need and want before they do themselves.

This organization isn’t huge (yet) by comparison to some of their peers, but the pace of growth is simply staggering. Their success hasn’t come by accident. It is the outcome of a carefully thought out plan developed several years ago, a plan formed between a few great minds, leaders and innovators in the online gaming industry. Starting out with a vision; as underdogs, they took the market by storm. They boldly took the brave steps to create and develop gaming products unlike anything the market had ever seen before, and it worked. Breathtaking graphics, engaging, entertaining and captivating gameplay opened doors to a world of success and has operators genuinely falling over themselves to acquire their products. Awards winners, recognized and envied by competitors, peers of far greater in size, admired from afar by many, this is an organization that will continue to take the market by the scruff of its neck and leave people gasping.

As a result of growth, both in terms of employee numbers and successful ventures into new geographical and product markets the company has restructured. Leaders have been rewarded with new opportunities and challenges. As a result, they need a new Chief Product Officer, their Heimdall, someone who can lead, guide, enthuse and engage some of the very best; the most talented designers and developers in the industry.

There are no slides, pool tables or Xbox stations in this office, instead, it is brimming with an array of true Gods and Superheroes of the gaming world. People who thrive, strive, clamour to collaborate and contribute to truly extraordinary products. It is a place for people who have no need to escape their work, it is a place for people who love what they do and the way they do it so much they are passionately absorbed into their work.

This role needs someone with gravitas, an inspirational and engaging style. You will lead a team of 5 direct reports and circa 7 (growing fast) indirect. They don’t need managing, they need guiding along and up a well-defined roadmap created by you.

If you’d like to know more about this outstanding career opportunity that is perfect for a professional who lives and breathes the iGaming, online gaming industry, then contact me at your earliest convenience. There is a good chance, I may contact you first if you are as good as you think you are!

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Posted: 17th Sep 2018

Job contact:

United Kingdom

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