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Bring back the VDJ

By David Snook

It was when I was recently departing from Nick Harding’s office at Praesepe in Milton Keynes, UK, that I noticed the old Jennings Indian Head bench-type slot machine on display. It brought back memories.

I made the point: “Do you know, I really believe that if that was put into a club location today it would still take good money…” Nick, a highly-skilled operator, did not disagree.

I can remember George Coughtrey, a Nottingham-based machine distributor, who handled Jennings in the old semi-legal days of around 1960. He had hundreds of them going out into clubs where they made fortunes. Players loved the "feel" they got from pulling  a handle; they were convinced that the manner in which they pulled the lever had an influence over the outcome.

They also loved the visible dropping jackpot… A little reservoir of old one shilling coins with a glass cover. Get the reel symbols aligned and down would come the coins in a cascade and you’d have to buy a round for everyone in the place.

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